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About Me
name: Your Name Here
birthday: January 1st, 1980
origin: The United States
sign: virgo

movie: The Matrix
song: 99 Red Ballons
place: NYC
food: pizza
show: CSI
drink: Dr Pepper
hobby: css
color: green
school: Brighton High
band: The Who
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Listening To
Behind Blue Eyes- The Who
Undone- Weezer
Hey Ya- Outkast
I Fought the Law- Greenday
99 Red Balloons- Goldfinger
Mr. Blue Sky- ELO
Ballroom Blitz- Sweet ‘
I do not really know what to put here. I guess you could fit in a TagBoard or Chatterbox or whatever. I have never used one so I do not know if they would fit. But it scrolls, so I assume it would work.
This is a good area to write a paragraph or something about your blog. Why you have it, why you got it, etc. Or you could put pictures or something here if you would rather do that. Or you could put a calender here. GO CRAZY!